Don and I were waiting for “our girl” to arrive home for Christmas. When the doorbell rang and I saw the state troopers on our porch, I knew the unplanned, the unthinkable was near.  We had decorated the house and shopped for Rebecca’s favorite “vegan” treats and lit the candles and put on the Christmas music; we had no inkling that everything we knew and treasured was about to be changed forever.  We were preparing for a precious homecoming night.  What we experienced instead was a parent’s worst nightmare.  The hardest words I think I will ever hear and hardest days we had never imagined.

As we relived those last hours again and again, God gave me one simple message: He reminded me that, as He watched us preparing for Rebecca, He was making His preparations for her homecoming as well, and in all the sadness of these days, that word has brought me much peace.  Immanuel, the God who is with us, my favorite name for Jesus, was preparing a place for my dear daughter at the very same time that I was preparing for her!  We were both getting things ready for Rebecca!  My preparations were earnest and driven by love.  I was making everything as perfect as I could for her! Our Father’s preparations were earnest and driven by love as well, and His home is a perfect one.  All of us who loved Rebecca will miss her; every day I wish that she were home with us.  But she is home.  She is the first one in our house who’s actually gotten home. 

For the rest of us left here in this temporary place, we are called to spend the time well, to “walk in a manner worthy.”  Rebecca was a child who was well-loved and well-educated and well-nurtured and well-blessed by God with a loving family and a healthy mind and a good heart and much talent and many friends.  In honor of Rebecca’s life, we have set aside a memorial fund at PCC.  These monies will provide “seed” funds for a vision.  The vision was given to me on the night Rebecca died.  In her honor, we want to expand healthcare for the sons and daughters of this community who are not so well-blessed, not so well-loved or well-educated or well-nurtured or well-cared for.  And that vision includes a name:  Imagine -Healthcare for the  Beloved of God.  I hope, in His perfect timing, God turns this vision into a ministering medical clinic.  He has given us the vision, we must trust Him for accomplishing the rest.  Thank you for your prayers, your words of love and hope, your tears as we grieve, your passion for Life!  Your gifts to Rebecca’s memorial are investments made in Life!  And we thank God there is even more Life ahead for those who are called the sons and daughters of God!  Praise be to His Name and gratitude and thanksgiving to you!

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