Her Music

Writing poetry and music for Rebecca was life-sustaining even life creating. It created the place in which she fully experienced her experiences. The process of writing grew her own soul; what she said in her poems, she used in her life. All of us who knew her, loved her. As you listen and experience her gift may you find comfort, courage and great joy!

Live Recordings

The following live music was recorded during two concert sessions at Borders in October and December of 2004. Even a cold couldn't keep her from singing in December. Rebecca performed her own music alone and with friends Robin Macy (backup vocals and guitar), Julianna Strickland (fiddle), Brian Nelson (backup vocals and guitar), Andy Mykel (guitar), Brian Gensch (keyboards), and Tony Hays (backup vocals and piano).

» Live @ Border's - December 2004
» Live @ Border's - October 2004

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Studio Recordings

The following are studio recordings of Rebecca's music which she performed along with Brian Nelson (guitar), Brian Gensch (keyboards), and Tony Hays (backup vocals and piano).

» Studio Recordings

Additional Studio Recordings *New*

In all of these songs (with the exception of Tabula Rasa) Rebecca was accompanied by Andy Mykel on guitar.

» Additional Studio Recordings

Home Recordings *New*

These songs were recorded by Rebecca on cassette tapes and, therefore, are lower quality recordings.  They are included here because these are the only known recordings of these six songs.

» Home Recordings


All Music and Lyrics © Rebecca Joy Lear.
A special thanks to Steve Falke (Cornerstone Studios), Mark Ayesh (M.A.R.S. Recording), Andy Gilstrap, Aaron Pew, and Andy Mykel for making these recordings a reality.