Rebecca Joy Lear

- so well named for such a joyful spirit. There are no words to adequately illuminate her life. She was beautiful and charming. Independent and in a hurry to live. Honest with a guarded heart. Spunky and sarcastic. Easy going and creative. Deeply faithful and inquisitive. Passionate and brilliantly talented.

Born February 10, 1987 in Montgomery, Alabama, she was always full of questions, and not willing to accept easy answers. When she was five, she wanted to know how many days until she was six. Like all children, she was a challenge to raise, but with great reward. A girl after her dad's heart – she was courageous and full of unconditional love. She was a daddy's girl and a mother's friend. A sister to four big brothers, she was adventurous and fearless. She loved and was loved by endless friends. Wise beyond her years, she knew this world was not her own.

Rebecca graduated from Wichita Collegiate School in 2005 and was attending Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. On December 14, 2005, she died in a tragic car accident on her way home for Christmas. Her mom, Susan, has "Reb Home" written in Wednesday's space – Dec. 14 th – on her kitchen calendar. And she is home indeed, with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Music was her passion. Her music was a brilliant burden and joy that came from within, from a deep, bottomless well in her heart. Often times she didn't know where the words came from. She knew it was a precious gift – and a gift to be shared. Her words are powerful, truthful and deeply moving. More than anything, she wanted to share her words and her passion with the world. This is only the beginning.

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